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About Us

ABM launched in 2018 as a trading and manufacturing company.

Supply all Products & Materials required for local Market.

Trade To Compete in market in same field & complementing range.



  •  Architectural Hardware
  •  Automatic doors
  • Roller shutters
  • folding doors 

Our suppliers products

Hettich Door Closer Technology

The new door closer generation from Hettich: a meticulously well-conceived design consisting of a stainless steel cover and aluminium body. Concealed mounting plates, adjusting elements protected against vandalism, colour-matched materials and the variable combination of all slide rail door closers with closing sequence regulator systems are the distinguishing features of this new generation of door closer models.

Hettich_Floor Spring

The HTS FS Floor spring is distinguished by its particularly flat design which makes it the ideal door closer for single or double active doors. The overall height of only 40 mm or 61 mm enables easy installation.

Hettich_Hinge Technology

The hinge connect the door lead to the frame and enable its opening and closing. The German term band originates from the time when doors had iron bands fitted to them, the ends of which were bent to form an eye.This eye was then hung onto a tang protruding from the door frame, thus giving rise to the English word hinge.

Hettich_Mortise Handle _ Knobs

The door handle (or door latch) is one of the most frequently used functional elements in the home: it’s the very first object that people make contact with when they enter a building and it hardly ever comes to rest in busy places.

Hettich_Panic, Lock _ Bolting Technology

Panic bolting technology ensures that people can get out of a danger zone at any time, even in a panic situation. One push on the horizontal activation element is all it takes and the door springs open – irrespective of whether it was locked or not.

Hettich_Panic, Lock _ Bolting Technology

Hettic can look back on many years of experience in the development and manufacture of locks. These locks provide the highest possible level of security and reliability in all areas and function as precisely as clockwork. Long-lasting functionality and a long service life are guaranteed by state-of-the-art manufacture using high-quality materials and construction measures. As panic locks, locks correspond with horizontal panic triggering elements and conventional fittings in the ideal manner. A defined trigger impulse ensures that the door springs open abruptly.

Hettich_ProLock Infinity- The Complete Main Door Solution (Other Available finishes )

ProLock Infinity Lock System: Main Door locking solution having a combination of mortise and night latch lock system.

Holux_Holux S150

Holux S150 is made for undemanding entrances to places with high traffic, doors with normal or triple-glazing glass, average-sized entries or tall wide heavy doors, Slim operator of Holux S150 gifts any architecture with a stunning look.


Roller shutters become an important element in any house, not only as a protection element but also as a distinguishing factor that helps create energy efficientbuildings for a more responsible consumption.